Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What?! Your having a party?!?!

What can I bring?

My checkbook? What?

When did this become a party?

This is not a party, this is a store. You take your checkbook to the store.

I do understand that this is how some women make money to do whatever-that’s fine.

It is the the parties that I invited to by women that ONLY invite me to parties to buy something. Don’t call it a party. Call it something else. Invite me over for coffee. Invite me over to rake your leaves. It would irritate me less. But don’t invite me over every other month for a “party”!




  1. Totally! I get so tired of those things. I never go to any of them! :)

  2. So funny! I actually make an income as a home party lady. And yet... I don't really like home parties either! However, I do feel so strongly about the product that I sell that I love to share it with other people. Consider it a compliment to be invited. I think it's better to be invited and reject the invitation than to be forgotten. =]