Monday, November 30, 2009

A meme

borrowed from facebook. I am so glad that today is the end of a month of posting. But I am so glad that I pushed through and stuck to it!

Fifty Questions You've (Maybe) Never Been Asked...Until Now.
Once you've been tagged, you have answer this and tag 10-15 people, including the person who tagged you.
1. What color is your toothbrush?
2. Name one person who made you smile today:
3. What were you doing at 8 am this morning:
making calls
4. What were you doing 45 minutes ago?
cleaning out the pool
5. What is your favorite candy bar?
6. Have you ever been to a strip club?
7. What is the last thing you said aloud?
lucky me
8. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
I am not big on ice cream, chocolate
9. What was the last thing you had to drink?
10. Do you like your wallet?
not particularly
11. What was the last thing you ate?
prime rib, corn, baked potato
12. Have you bought any new clothing items this week?
2 pairs of shoes today
13. The last sporting event you watched? 
basketball cheer competition
14. What is your favorite flavor of popcorn?
butter, but only at the movie theatre
15. Who was the last person you sent a text to?
16. Ever go camping?
Not in a long time
17. Do you take vitamins daily?
no, but maybe I should
18. Do you go to church every Sunday?
19. Do you have a tan?
not yet :)
20. Do you prefer Chinese food over pizza?
21. Do you drink your soda with a straw?
22. What did your last text message say?
get on FB now
23. What are you doing tomorrow?
more of the same things that I did today
24. Just a break to clear your mind...
25. Look to your left, what do you see?
a window
26. What color is your watch?
silver and gold
27. What do you think of when you hear Australia?
Nicole Kidman
28. What is your birthstone?
29. Do you go in at a fast food place or just hit the drive thru?
30. What is your favorite number?
31. Who's the last person you talked to on the phone? 
32. Any plans today?
It is night time. I am going to bed.
33. How many states have you lived in?
just one
34. Biggest annoyance right now?
35. Last song listened to?
36. Can you say the alphabet backwards?
37. Do you have a maid service clean your hous
38. Favorite pair of shoes you wear all the time?
39. Are you jealous of anyone?
not really
40. Is anyone jealous of you?
I seriously doubt it.
41. Do you love anyone?
Yes, lots of people.
42. Do any of your friends have children?
Yes, most of them have kids
43. What do you usually do during the day?
all the stuff that no one else will to do around the house
44. Do you hate anyone that you know right now?
45. Do you use the word 'hello' daily?
46. What color is your car?
47. Do you like cats?
48. Are you thinking about someone right now?
not anyone in particular
49. Have you ever been to Six Flags?
Yes, lots of times.
50. How did you get your worst scar?
I am sure it involved a clumsy me accident.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Figuring Things Out

Who determines your self worth?

Is it you? Is it your husband? Your kids? Maybe it is your family? Is it your friends?

Could be that it is more materialistic for you.

What you drive.

What designer you wear.

Which designer bag you carry.

How big your house is.

Where your next vacation will be.

But honestly, when you step back how important are those things?

I am going to spend some time reflecting on why things that really don’t matter take on such importance. This is my time. My choices.

Lets live it!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


It’s travel day!


If you pull up next to this car headed south and there is a lady with a crazed look doing the jello-neck head bob in the passenger seat-just know that is me. And I have been at my in-laws house for a few days and I earned every bit of that particular look on my face!

At that point don’t approach the crazy lady. The best you can do is step aside.

Save yourself.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black what??

Its Black Friday….

It all begins on Thanksgiving day when we spend hours pouring over the ads from the paper. Ads are then passed to the children to see if there are any items they cannot live without. Lists are made in order of priority from store to store. Then the list of stores to visit is reprioritized in order of proximity to the #1 store.

This is a science people! A science! 

As I alluded in an earlier post I am uncertain whether or not I will be in the throng of shoppers headed into Target at the butt crack of dawn with thousands of my closest friends.

Because really what do I need from Target any store that can only be procured by standing in line outside of the freezing Kansas City store to buy??

The answer to that my friends is NOTHING!

But, I might do it anyway.

Just for fun. Because I am strange like that.

My dear sweet MIL usually drops myself and my SIL off at the door a couple a minutes after the store opens. We then disperse in the store to grab the items we saw in the store ad that we absolutely must have!

Most black Fridays include a lunch out and braving the mall. All in all a very good girls day. Now the question is to take my girls or not.

Really it is a no-brainer.

Don’t know why I am making it so hard!!!!!

And as a treat for my loyal followers. A giveaway. Not certain yet what I am going to give away. But in honor of my 100th post a giveaway seems in order.  Just know it will be something great. I would never giveaway something I didn't want to own!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankfulness day #4

Happy Thanksgiving!

A bullet point list of what I am thankful for:

  • A husband who works hard to make sure us girls have the things we need and want
  • 2 happy healthy daughters that strive to be the best person they can
  • A loving and thoughtful extended family that take the time to make sure they know how much they care for us
  • My constant companion Ollie. He is a chocolate lab and will do anything I ask.
  • All my bloggy peeps (thanks for being there for me)

And on the shallow side:

  • snuggly PJ pants
  • freshly washed sheets
  • high speed internet
  • seat heater in my car
  • my iphone
  • my cleaning lady
  • jets in my bathtub
  • cable TV and DVR

These lists could go on forever! But I will keep it short so we can all get away to spend time with our families.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thankfulness day #3

Wordless Wednesday

Beach 2009

Album by Tracy2

Your welcome

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving day #2

Let me tell you about my turkey cooking. The first (and only) Thanksgiving I hosted when my turkey caught on fire!

What you need to hear the story???

A chef I am not.

So I ordered a fried turkey ahead of time. My husband picked it up Thanksgiving morning. He was given the heating instructions . When it was almost time to eat I pulled it out of the refrigerator to get ready to heat. It came in a brown paper sack and I thought, well maybe that is a special way you heat a fried turkey.

Really, I thought that!

So I popped it right into the oven and went about finishing the rest of the dinner (which we eat at lunchtime). About 12 minutes later I could smell something and opened the oven to check it almost as an after thought. Sure enough there was a hole with crispy edges and flames shooting out of the bag.

Fire is one sure way to get everyone running. The minute I pull that paper bag out of the oven they are alternately exclaiming over the flames and laughing so hard they are crying.

Myself, all tears. Boy did I feel like a moron. All that prep for the side dishes. I made 2 pies, the first time I had ever baked a pie.

And then it all went down up in flames!

And with my in-laws there. Nothing makes your mistakes seem bigger than when your mother-in-law witnesses them!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Thankfulness day #1

1. Turkey or Ham? turkey
2. Favorite side dish? green bean bundles
3. Favorite dessert? hands down pecan pie.       4. Black Friday: Are you going or not? have decided yet. My girls want to go with, and that defeats the purpose. Makes me not wanna go.
5. If so, what's on the top of your list? hubby
6. Going out of town or staying close to home? out of town
7. Hosting or helping? hosting
8. Name one family tradition at Thanksgiving.
traveling                                                                  9. What do you do after dinner? go see the lighting of the plaza lights in Kansas City
10. What are you most thankful for this year? my family.

Make sure you go visit Amber at Friend Makin Monday!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I am a quitter

For some reason all this forced blogging has me wanting to hang up my keyboard.

What do I have to say?

Very little!

I feel that my life is dullsville right now.

I am a quitter. Many things I start and never finish, pick back up, look twice at. I really am trying to not let this be one of those things.

Are you asleep yet?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday Randomness

In Arkansas it is still modern gun deer season. My hubby is in the woods. Daughter number one went to a high school basketball game last night and New Moon today. Daughter number two stayed with a friend last night and today is at a college football game. That leaves me and the puppy here alone!

Last night I had a relaxing evening until I heard voices outside. Why do I let that freak me out? Turns out it was just a group of teenage boys from down the street skateboarding in our driveway. The boys are used to a gaggle of girls being here on the weekends.

I am still here alone this afternoon. Ran out to Wal-Mart. Have been doing laundry. What I should really be doing is cleaning my nasty garage while the weather outside is still mild. For some reason I just can’t get into that.

Hope you are having a relaxing weekend.

Friday, November 20, 2009


How many times do we see something we want and pass it by? Why do we do this? Is it because we don’t want to spend the money? Remember the commercial that says your worth it?

You are worth it.

Embrace yourself.

Spend an hour one day and follow your heart. It will do your soul good too!

After all you are worth it!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Super Stretch Jeans

And by that I do mean super stretch jeans. They are a thing of wonder.

And really, they did burst onto the scene at just the right time.

20 years ago I would not have appreciated them. I might have even been angry at the way they stretched out before the day ended.

But now….I worship the rack these treasures were pulled from. The dressing room I tried them on in, a thing of beauty. The mirror that showed my backside looking a bit smaller than I really am, it is queen of all the mirrors in the land.

These jeans could stand a few improvements Like in the knee area and the thighs, mine would be just fine in old fashioned fabric.

But they still aren’t the soft, warm, and cozy pj pants that I love to slip into at the end of the day. May the fashion industry strive towards  comfort for all!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Clean or Cluttered?

Since I am a stay-at-home mom part of my job is keeping the house clean. I am rotten. This means writing a check for my cleaning lady twice a month. Of course I do have a husband+two kids+an indoor dog. All of those things mean that I must do daily maintenance. My husband is fairly easygoing and takes things in stride. I have learned in the years we have been married that he HATES clutter. He can’t think when the house is a mess.

Not because he gets mad if the house is cluttered, but out of respect for his feelings in the afternoon before he gets home we spend 10-15 minutes cleaning up.

What that usually consists of is:

  • clearing the kitchen counters (even if that means just putting the dirty dishes into the sink to get them off the counter)
  • making sure there are not blankets everywhere (we use lots of throws)
  • the backpacks and jackets are put away
  • dog toys put away
  • making sure lights and televisions we are not using are turned off (the girls and I are bad about that)

And the final step is spraying cleaner. He walks in the door smells the cleaner and even if the list didn't get done, he thinks I have done something. Most days he calls on his way home and gives what has become to be referred to as the 10 minute warning.

This may seem outdated, but as I said, it is out of respect for one another that I do this.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Has anyone made a blessing ring? I am talking about the kind you use an O ring, ribbon as streamers, then punch a hole into the corner of your greeting cards to hang them? Some people use them in their nursery for all the baby cards. I was thinking it would be good for my husbands grandmother who moved into a nursing home this year. Just thought there might be someone out there with some tips and unique ideas. Going to head to Hobby Lobby for some supplies today.

Later this week I will update with pictures of our playroom. The girls and I are very happy with how it turned out!

Monday, November 16, 2009


That was the battle cry. Like most other sports, I go to see my kids. My knowledge of what is actually going on is very slim. We did win so that rebound thing must have worked out ok!

Oh, you did want to see pictures from our 4 basketball games?

I aim to please.

Basketball 254

Then Saturday night was cotillion. And yes, it was cold. To cold for a sleeves dress. As you can tell from that smile and pose she did not care. Because its not about comfort it is about fashion. (not a trait that I have)

Basketball 283

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A girls weekend

Opening weekend of modern gun season was this weekend. My husband spend his weekends doing whatever it is men do while off in the woods doing their own thing. This picture was taken at deer camp a few weeks ago while he had the girls down for a weekend.

Basketball 107

While our Daddy has been away we have watched movies, watched Say yes to the dress, watched cheerleading shows. We also  baked chocolate chip cookies. All fun things to do on a weekend while I have had a little  break from daddy. Hopefully, he will return and see how much we miss him. We are able to go on, business as usual. It is just more fun with Daddy here with us!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I've Come To Realize

Enjoy this little meme. I don’t do them very often, thought you might like learning a few things about me. Let me know if you use it too so I can learn about you too!

1. I've come to realize that my one of the first places I gain and lose weight. Right now, it is wayyy to large

2. I've come to realize that my different than most people think. Motherhood is so difficult, and not nearly as rewarding as some might say. Some days it just plain sucks.

3. I've come to realize that when I'm driving...multitasking is bad.
4. I've come to realize that I stand up for myself.

5. I've come to realize that I have lost...well,  not weight.

6. I've come to realize that I hate it when...people are mean.
7. I've come to realize that if I'm drunk...I am not  in control.
8. I've come to realize that necessary.
9. I've come to realize that certain people…are incapable of change. And I am okay with that. Be yourself, the people who love you will appreciate you. And do you really care about the others.
10. I've come to realize that I'll always...put other peoples needs ahead of my own.
11. I've come to realize that my sibling(s)...are (1) crazy as a loon. And (2) gone too soon.
12. I've come to realize that my mom...didn’t try hard enough.
13. I've come to realize that my cell not always necessary.
14. I've come to realize that when I woke up this morning...getting out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off makes the morning go smoother.

15. I've come to realize that last night before I went to sleep...I had an enjoyable day.
16. I've come to realize that right now I am thinking...rated R movies aren’t what they used to be.
17. I've come to realize that my dad...gave up a lot to help me out.
18. I've come to realize that when I get on Facebook...I waste SO much time.
19. I've come to realize that today…was busier than I like to be. But it was good for me.
20. I've come to realize that tonight...I am a good kind of tired.
21. I've come to realize that a brand new day and a brand new start.
22. I've come to realize that I really want harder on my social anxiety.
23. I've come to realize that the person who is most likely to repost this…likes doing things like this and reading other responses just like me.
24. I've come to realize that a gift. Unwrap it slowly or you will forget to see all of the value.
25. I've come to realize that this time to spend with friends and relax.
26. I've come to realize that hard. See #9. That realization has enhanced my marriage.
27. I've come to realize that my friends...are important to me
28. I've come to realize that this year…is not a closed book yet. Plenty more good things to come.
29. I've come to realize that my ex-friends...are ex-friends for a reason.
30. I've come to realize that maybe…I am stronger than I think.
31. I've come to realize that I family and friends way more than I ever thought.
32. I've come to realize that I don't understand...people are all different.
33. I've come to realize my past...does not define my future.
34. I've come to realize that parties...are fine if I don’t have to take my checkbook.
35. I've come to realize that I'm totally terrified...of life. I need get over myself.
36. I've come to realize that my life...can be whatever I want it to be.

Friday, November 13, 2009

In case you were wondering…

My life is so thrilling here I sit on Friday night with nothing to do but write this blog post. Of course this is going to be a big weekend.

Tomorrow we have:

  • 4 basketball games

Neither of my girls play both of them cheer. Each of is cheering for a girls game and a boys game. My hubby is out of town. That means no tag team parenting. He is generally good about that kind of thing!

  • Cotillion

Shouldn’t be as much work for me as it is, but all that girl hair to get ready. And the fight over what she is going to wear! UGH

I think I am going to make brownies to cope! Proof that I eat my emotions.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

What a pit

This is my day today! Decided to share in depth my messy laundry room. I am thankful to have a laundry room. Just wish it would clean itself!

laundry 12 1. I hang clean clothes on the crank used to open and close the window. Real classy. I MUST fold and hang straight from the dryer. I refuse to iron anything.

2. Need I say more?

3. I do HATE laundry therefore it gets stacked up on me!

4. The laundry room sink is never used. This is pretty much a catch all area and folding space.

5. You hear people complain about how stinky front loaders are? There is a drain in here that gets clogged up. I had a repairman come out b/c mine wasn’t draining right and this drain was FULL. It had money, hair, pen caps, barrettes, earrings and lots of nasty water.

laundry_1 1. Sarah Jane’s list that stems from her lack of responsibility a few weeks ago.

2. We order 4 weeks at a time. This is our copy so the girls know when they need to carry a lunch. They fill out their own menu and usually pack their own lunch.

3. Crap that should be somewhere else. It is just piled into the basket. UGH I should be putting it away instead of blogging.

4. Socks. I HATE socks! They are a natural enemy of mine.

5. This basket belongs here. It has things that we usually can’t find.


Thought you might like to have a close up of this clip storage thingy. My sister in law wanted one when she was decorating her toddlers room to hang art work on. Rather than spending $35. each for them my husband made her 3. And I fell in love with it so he made me one too. It is really handy and in the picture above you can see more of it, this is a closer picture.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So Random

I don’t think even I can keep up with my rambling thoughts.

Thanks to our veterans. Thanks for doing what so many won’t. You are special and we are thankful to be part of these United States!

I went to the supercenter this morning. You know the one.

They have now have a medical clinic up front.

So theoretically I could-

  • bank
  • get a mani/pedi
  • get a haircut
  • have my car worked on
  • eat at the golden arch’s
  • get a prescription filled
  • see the eye doctor
  • buy my new eyeglasses
  • get a hunting/fishing license

Can you stand it?? Makes me want to ditch the blue buggy and run to Target. Except I needed groceries. And we dont have a super T!

I think I only shaved one armpit yesterday. That or my hair is growing very quickly-lets hope not! (maybe its b/c I am team Jacob)

Took my oldest to the eye doctor yesterday (not at the supercenter) Her vision stinks. I actually feel bad for her. Then she wore the gereatric glasses out b/c she had her eyes dilated. Hilarious. I didn’t snap a pic. I think she could beat me down if she wanted to. And I wouldn’t want a pic of me floating around I HATE. Being a teenager is hard enough.

The youngest made a 95% last math test! WOOOHOO she needed it. At parent teacher conferences her math teacher told me she likes to pretend her calculator is a cell phone. She's 12! Too old to act like that! Her math grade first quarter was 63%. I am a stellar parent!

More tomorrow!

Off to find some Japanese food for lunch.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What?! Your having a party?!?!

What can I bring?

My checkbook? What?

When did this become a party?

This is not a party, this is a store. You take your checkbook to the store.

I do understand that this is how some women make money to do whatever-that’s fine.

It is the the parties that I invited to by women that ONLY invite me to parties to buy something. Don’t call it a party. Call it something else. Invite me over for coffee. Invite me over to rake your leaves. It would irritate me less. But don’t invite me over every other month for a “party”!



Monday, November 9, 2009


We still haven't replaced the microwave/oven. In my mind it means I can cook a bit less. It has worked out well for me in every way but on the scale. We ate out Friday night, all three Saturday meals, Sunday at lunch and Sunday night to celebrate the big birthday! That was yummy Japanese food. Why is it sooo good. And what do they put into that ginger salad dressing, its like crack. I had to refrain from licking the bowl like it was a big ol’ bowl of brownie batter. :)

This having to blog everyday is not easy.

I am dull. A lot like the pain in my back.

Everyday I wait until late in the day to blog thinking that something exciting will happen and it doesn’t.  So, here I am in all my dullness.

Until tomorrow!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Keeping up

In an effort to stay up on current events I am ever expanding my reality TV palette. What we did before the DVR is baffling. Really, who watches live TV any more?  Regular TV seems so bizarre these days. Don’t get me wrong, I still watch it. A few years ago I couldn’t wait for Sunday nights, these days Desperate Housewives has gotten stupid. It seems as if it isn’t even about the fabulous clothes and shoes anymore. I expect more.

I have turned to reality TV to ease my troubles. At least I expect it to be bizarre and stupid. I do not enjoy the singing or dancing shows. However, the rest of them. Love them.

The Bachelor/Bachelorette

The Amazing Race


The Real Housewives of __________

Tori and Dean

Keeping up with the Kardashians

Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making the team

18 Kids and counting


Kate plus 8

Bank of Mom and Dad


I could go on but you get the picture. Any that you love that I need to check out?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A thing of beauty

This daughter of mine.

I made her.

Well, obviously I had some help.

She is one amazing girl.

Let me tell you some things about her-

  • She makes her bed daily (because she wants to) Clutter makes her nuts.
  • Her grades are outstanding.
  • She almost always does as she should.
  • Last week she ran an 8 minute mile (she wanted to prove to herself she could)

She is a parents dream. And without her, my life would be incomplete. I often say she is a great kid and it is amazing her daddy and I haven’t messed her up!

*She is a teenager. And MOODY. Sometimes that is really hurtful.

Things have gotten easier and more difficult in a whole other way over the last 15 years.

Lucky me that she is my firstborn, what a way to break me in!

Friday, November 6, 2009

The one about…


I have nothing!

Nothing is going on….

Well, I have 4-14 year old girls here tonight. The hubby is at deer camp. Just me and the girls. Too bad they think I am quite uncool. They have no idea how cool I am. They even go so far as to tell me that the fact that I think I am cool makes me even less cool. Whatever!

I have been walking around all day saying, “Who gonna check me boo?”

Its beginning to drive me C-R-A-Z-Y.  Of course its not too far of a trip.

Anybody wanna go with?

Who gonna check me boo???

What a mess!!

This is the same sweet baby girl!

She is a mess!

Album by Tracy 5 - Copy_edited-1 Her father, thought it would be ok. She can be trusted. She knows how to take that belief he has in her and let it come back to bite him.

golf cart I suppose it was his mistake to make. He always seems to have more faith in her than I do. You can tell that those tires are not lining up the way they should.

She is gonna be fine, It was a quick $140. repair.

And we will let her live!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

How my kids are making me gray!

About 2 weeks ago this very sweet angel

Decided to boil one of these….

In one of these….

And cook it here!

... >>> Microwave Ovens

Which is built into this…

This has not turned out well for that sweet angel

After this she was grounded……

Then, she had another BIG ‘incident’!

Stay tuned I will tell you all about that tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What do I do?

This week I have gotten the urge to do a few things. I am thinking of using these curtains for my girls “playroom”. Of course they are teenagers now but we still call it a playroom. What we have hanging in there now is pastel chenille curtains that my mother-in-law made for us about 5 years ago. My hope is that as this room evolves they will want to spend more time hanging out up there with friends. You know unless they are boyfriends. We don’t allow that kind of friend up there!

I guess with these we would do some big thick gold picture frames on the walls. My girls LOVE pictures of themselves. Me personally…I would rather eat nails than to have to look at pictures of myself. Thankfully this is not a trait I have passed onto my girls.

Perhaps next week I will share the finished project here on the blog!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Oh la la…

Or something along those lines. :)

Today I have been to Home Goods, Kohl’s, Target and got my hair highlighted and cut. My hair feels like it lost about 10 pounds. If only the rest of me felt that way. Halloween candy is the ENEMY. I would say it is from the devil but only God could make something that is so good.

Now I am heading off to pick up my girls from the bus. Study them, feed them and attempt to love them. Why do they have to make it so hard sometimes? Then I am supposed to go to a Ladies Night Out at the country club to watch a demonstration on how to decorate your mantle and table for the holidays. (big fun)

Tomorrow I will be more thrilling I promise! Or at least as thrilling as I can be.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Welcome to Monday

This time change thing is not so good for me, this is what I refer to as the dark season. For several reasons. Obviously, the hour earlier it gets dark at night. I can’t see to drive after dark. (your thinking I can’t see very well after dark either) No, I really cannot drive after dark. I have a cornea disease and the glare makes it impossible for me to see well enough to drive. If you see me behind the wheel get out of the way!

Then there is the depression that comes with less sunlight. It affects more than I wish it did. Some days it is more than my Wellbutrin can take. This is also a time you are best getting out of the way!

Now begins the fight, to not let all this get me down. I have no choice but to fight and win this fight.

Now that this bit of housekeeping is out of the way, we are on to much happier topics in the future. 

Things like:

  • Birthdays
  • Coffee
  • Sweeps week on TV
  • Blowing up appliances
  • Replacement appliaces
  • Thankfulness and Gratefulness

Sunday, November 1, 2009


In case I haven’t bored or offended my readers enough, I have decided to participate in……


Hopefully this will  give me some great new dimension. Get me out of my “safe” comfort zone of boring!

Make sure to stop in to visit me this month and check out the National Blog Posting Month website!

Smashing Pumpkins

How beautiful is that….pumpkins all lined up. Straight from the pumpkin patch at the local WM! $3.88 really you can’t beat that for pumpkins that the neighborhood thugs are going to smash right in my own driveway. Never fear, my husband being the responsible adult he is, promptly scooped up the pieces and deposited them on the thugs front porch! (we have spoken with the parents in the past about the egging, and the tomatoes. But their kid would NEVER do that. I sat in the house and watched them do that) Oh, and my kids had no idea this is how it was handled. No reason to let them think that is ok! The following pictures detail the pumpkin carving event.193 What is that? Thats a teenager being nice to Daddy. Not an everyday event at our house. Do you have moody teenagers?210 Artist at work. She put a frowing face on hers because she IS a moody teenager! And I love her to pieces!225 Cause doesn’t everyone carve pumpkins with power tools?232 In case you can’t see her bow, there in the center is Hello Kitty. She always wanted to be a Jack O’ Lantern!235