Monday, September 7, 2009

Hitting the Red Carpet

Sarah Jane turned 12 last week. (sigh) She is just maturing into the sweetest little lady! A couple of weeks ago she decided to have a fashion show birthday party. Most of the party elements were thought up by her….I bought some crushed red velvet fabric for $3. yd. from WalMart to be the runway. I had originally thought that I would put it next to the pool and that would make for great pictures. Sarah had a different idea, she put it down the steps from the front door. It actually turned out better this way. Several of the neighbors came over to watch the fashion show. We planned on having E be our MC for the event but at the last minute we just played music and let the girls giggle their way down.

Sarah and Kaylee.

(her birthday is the day before Sarah’s)

Sarah Jane's 12th Birthday (56) 

The Queen of the Show

Sarah Jane's 12th Birthday (41) 

Sarah Jane's 12th Birthday (44)

Sarah and her beautiful friends.

(doesn’t that look like trouble??)

Sarah Jane's 12th Birthday (57)

Sarah Jane's 12th Birthday (59)

Her birthday cake from Kroger!

Sarah Jane's 12th Birthday (60)