Monday, July 20, 2009

Love "Cliftoned" me

What does that mean you ask? Last Thursday my husbands Grandpa went to join our heavenly Father. He was a wonderful Godly man. Not sure if I mentioned that my husband (he is 41 years old), until last Thursday had all 4 of his grandparents. Still married, both sets for 69 years. Grandpa was an amazing man. A godly man. A lifelong educator, and basketball coach. He LOVED his Missouri Tigers, and Kansas City Royals baseball. Last, but certainly not least he loved his family. Some of the most endearing qualities of my husband, he picked up from his Grandpa. He was so loved, I am grateful for the unconditional love he showed me!
I almost forgot to tell you about Love Cliftoned Me. When Grandpa was a boy, the would sing the hymn, Love Lifted Me, he always thought they were singing Love Cliftoned Me. Please say a quick pray for hubby, he is going to give the eulogy. He has written an outline but going to speak from the heart.

More in a few days when we return home.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

How to find your lifes purpose.

And other questions that a facebook couldn't possibly answer!!
Hi, my name is Lynn and I am a facebookaholic.
Nice to meet you, {your name here}
I have an addiction. I am working on the assumption that you are familiar with facebook. If you have/read/like blogging you have access to the internets. The only way you have not heard of facebook is if you have been under a rock. (and your way too pretty to have been under a rock) :)
I digress. Back to facebook.
Surely, you have also taken one of those insane quizzes that has no basis on fact/reality/actuality. But, in an effort to let you know more about me I want to share some of the answers I have received on these unreal quizzes.

"What Cute Love Quote Are You"
with the result:
If I Can Only Be With You In My Dreams, Then Let Me Sleep Forever..

(seriously?) I think I could live without you. And what in the world is cute about that quote? I am a southern girl and when we say sleeping forever we do mean death! Most likely written by someone who thinks vampires are hot.

How Country Are You?
My result is: Weekend Country

(good to know I am not Weekday Country. Does that mean I don't say ain't or y'all during the week?)

What personality type are you?


(shocking, just shocking)

How Psychopathic are you?
You got Normal

(again-how could they know? I think of myself as a bit more psychopathic than normal....)

What colour is your soul?
You got Green

(Green? Why green? I wanna be more fun that is so boring.)

The best part about these quizzes, I think they are written by teenagers! As most of them are not only poorly written but totally misspelled. Which just make taking them that much more interesting. Cause what in the world do teenagers know about life??

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lets's start shakin' things up! are reading the blog of an older more mature blogger. Yes, it is my birthday. Today is the day I will turn 35 years old!! My husband tells me I shouldn't complain, after all I am younger than most people I know. And he is right. I have not had a birthday yet that bothered me!
What is bothering me is my hair! It is nasty.......I am considering going back to the "Rachel" that was so fabulous back in the mid-ninety's! Crazy? What do you think? Is anyone wearing that style? I want to be somewhat stylish, I just don't know what to do.
It is almost like I want to reset back to a happy computer terms my last known good configuration. I am wanting a change and the hair seems to be the most obvious!
Really---what do you think??

Saturday, July 11, 2009

It takes two to make a thing go right.

it takes two to make it out of sight!-DJ Jazzy Jeff from the movie the Proposal. This afternoon I took my aunt who in town visiting, along with my girls and a couple of their friends to see the movie the Proposal! I cannot tell you when I laughed so hard at a movie. It had many many funny parts. If you are looking for something to do...there were are some racy parts that were borderline questionable for their age. Not sure how you feel about innuendo, it had a couple of pretty strong sexual parts. I also think it will be out on video around the time hunting season starts. We love to watch chick flicks then when daddy is gone to deer camp!

We have also been on waiting for a call that my husbands grandfather has passed on. He is 90 years old. Until the last 5 years he was able to enjoy life. It has been hard on the family, we know he is going to a better place to rest with the lord. They live 6 hours from us and right now my husband is up there visiting his family, trying to give his mom and grandmother the support they need. Grandpa is in hospice. Shane is spending the night on a cot with him. I tend to not always talk of him with all the love I truly feel. My husband is a wonderful family oriented man.

Please pray for peace for the family members. Pray that we can be at peace knowing grandpa is going to heaven to sing with the angels.

Friday, July 10, 2009

I wanna....

I do not enjoy life nearly enough!
  • I want to ice skate.
  • I want to ride go carts.
  • I want to go to the public pool....and not be self conscious!!!
  • I want to enjoy a day on the lake.
  • I want to walk around the amusement park without being winded.
  • I want to learn to play golf.
  • I want to roller skate.
  • I want to bicycle.
  • I want to not be worn out after an hour in the mall!
  • I want to feel like peeling wallpaper and painting.
It seems like a successful day for me is keeping laundry kept up and meals fixed. And I do mean fixed, I have not cooked in ages!
Ugh! I know its up to one else is gonna light a fire under me!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Boom, Boom, Pow

As you can see I have been playing with sizing and such..perhaps I can get this figured out soon. I also wanted to put a watermark on the photos for protection.






Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hello! Hello? is anybody out there?

{ae filkins}

Welcome to another week of love from Amber and the peeps that frequent her blog! She gathers us once a week to share our struggles with eating better and becoming a more healthy person.

Here is how my week went! Like crap......I seem to be stuck. I guess I shouldnt complain too much, I am stuck at my lowest weight in the 8 months. But its just so frustrating. As I have said in the past few weeks, I would see more progress if I put more work into it!

My fridge went out on Monday. (the part wont be in until Friday) My biggest problem here has been no ice! Crap, I love me some ice. I refuse to drink anything without ice. Even if it is cold from the fridge it must have ice. I dont even drink coffee b/c warm drinks make me GAG! Ick.

And with the holiday this weekend I dont think things are going to get any better. Our little town has a parade, and a festival. After the parade instead of spending our money at the festival we host a neighborhood potluck. Kids swim, we shoot off fireworks, then we take our golf car to go watch the HUGE fireworks show that is done by the city to conclude the festival. We gather on the golf course where the country club sets up a bar for us to "visit"! Because fireworks and alcohol go together so well..........