Saturday, July 11, 2009

It takes two to make a thing go right.

it takes two to make it out of sight!-DJ Jazzy Jeff from the movie the Proposal. This afternoon I took my aunt who in town visiting, along with my girls and a couple of their friends to see the movie the Proposal! I cannot tell you when I laughed so hard at a movie. It had many many funny parts. If you are looking for something to do...there were are some racy parts that were borderline questionable for their age. Not sure how you feel about innuendo, it had a couple of pretty strong sexual parts. I also think it will be out on video around the time hunting season starts. We love to watch chick flicks then when daddy is gone to deer camp!

We have also been on waiting for a call that my husbands grandfather has passed on. He is 90 years old. Until the last 5 years he was able to enjoy life. It has been hard on the family, we know he is going to a better place to rest with the lord. They live 6 hours from us and right now my husband is up there visiting his family, trying to give his mom and grandmother the support they need. Grandpa is in hospice. Shane is spending the night on a cot with him. I tend to not always talk of him with all the love I truly feel. My husband is a wonderful family oriented man.

Please pray for peace for the family members. Pray that we can be at peace knowing grandpa is going to heaven to sing with the angels.

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