Friday, April 20, 2012

So many things

… little time as the story goes. First there was Prom 2012 of course my daughter was the prettiest one there.

Prom 2M

aren’t she and her sweet boyfriend a beautiful couple. They had a fun evening the corsage was made with purple orchids and peacock feathers that matched the dress.

And the same evening was a concert by Miranda Lambert. My sweet youngest baby was able to attend that. Here she is ready to go, that is her on the left.

sj concert

and because I can. The “fab five” as these girls have dubbed themselves.


that’s little SJ, 2nd from the left!! these were the events of last weekend…what's coming up this weekend?

Monday, April 9, 2012

He is Risen

This was what my girls wore for Easter 2012. The Yellow dress on the right will become my daughter on the left side of photographs Miranda Lambert dress. Love that they are the same size, and willing to share with one another.


He is Risen Indeed. Praise the Lord!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easters gone by….

Amen….he is risen.

and the Easter Bunny has come also! I thought I would share some past photos from Easter Holidays.



I sure love my little family!!!!

Friday, April 6, 2012

All the girls….

Yes, I have had some slow blogging times…and yes I promise to be better I feel like I have missed so much. And yet, I was out living life with my family.
 No regrets!
Today I felt like Kelly's Korner was speaking to me as a mom of 2 teen girls I feel like my perspective is a bit different than those who are still younger stages with their children.
Let me introduce you to my “babies”
That is Emily on the left, I can’t imagine our lives with out her. She has always been the quiet one. She loves the Lord, has great grades, a group of sweet friends, is going to serve as her school’s cheer co-captain for her Senior year of high school 2012-2013.
Of course everyone recognizes Stitch. That me (Lynn) next to him in pink and finally that’s our Sarah Jane on the right. You would have to look pretty far to find a 15 year old as sweet as that girl. Yet, she is a hot mess. Into everything. Loves everything and everyone she meets. School is 85% social for her and yet she still slides by with her great personality.
These girls couldn’t have different personalities and yet they are both great kids. I praise the Lord daily for making me their Mom, and the older they get the more fun we have together. When they were toddlers, I thought it would never get better. During the elementary school years I was a taxi driver (the key here is stay quiet and listen), I filled my suburban with kids and we went everywhere. As preteens, it was the same thing. Quiet mouth and open ears. I could tell you who liked who and who was broken up. Which were the first to kiss a boy, be allowed to “date” information that has become priceless the older they have gotten. I not only know the kids and families, I know their character and values. I have been able to guide my children based on the topics that I “overhear” these days via text messages on their phones. They just toss it to me when I ask. I keep things quiet and minister to the girls hearts. not just my own but whoever shows up at my door.
I am full of advice and ideas, if you have any questions….I will be around!