Thursday, May 28, 2009


So I read the Nester, I love her ideas. Today she is hosting a lamp show-off party. I am sharing with you the ones in my house that are my favorites!! A couple of them need something.....what that is I am unsure.

Below-this floor lamp I found on clearance at Sams it is an indoor/outdoor lamp with a HUGE canvas shade. I felt like it needed something so my neighbor and I added this trim and beads. The beads make it look like it belongs in grandma's parlor.....I would like to take them off and do something different to it, but am unsure as to what.
This lamp is my favorite lamp and it is in my favorite room of the house. I love the shape and style of this lamp. I love the animal print on the inside of the shade. What I do not like about this lamp is, it is not very bright.
In the picture below is the lamp on my husbands nightstand. There is a matching lamp on my side of the is my favorite color. These lamps are not very bright either but so different and so cool that I really like them.
This lamp is in a corner in my bedroom. Not sure if you can tell in the picture, but it goes with the lamps on our nightstands. This lamp with its red shade is fabulous!!!
Thanks for stopping by to see my lamps. Be sure to visit the Nesting Place to see what others have done with their lamps.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Uh oh--up is the wrong way to go!!!

{ae filkins}

Welcome to another week of EMME. EMME is hosted by Amber, click here to check out her blog and visit the other participants.

My week....didn't go as well as it has in the past few. I am up .5 lbs. This seems minor, unfortunately even to me. I am not one to beat myself up over such matters, obviously or I wouldn't be where I am today. Its just that I am realistic about such matters. There will be up and down weeks.
Yesterday I had my first epidural injection to treat my back pain. I am very optimistic about it helping, hard to say if it is....there seems to be discomfort at the injection site. I go back on the 15th for another injection. I do intend to get outside and walk with the intent to call it exercise. Starting late this week. There is a long list of things I am not supposed to do, cleaning is on that list. Today I intend to enjoy it!!! My kids last day of school was Friday and we have not been able to spend one day at home. I have decided today will be THE day we spend at home. shhhhh.....I haven't told the kids yet!!
Every week Amber asks a question of all of us......but not this week!! Lucky for you, this post has gotten way to long anyway!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Several things...

On Monday we went to see Night at the Museum! I thought it was really cute. I have not seen the first one, and yet I still enjoyed the second one.

About half-way through the movie I needed to visit the ladies room. While there I made the mistake of looking into the mirror, I have shared with you all how I do not see a fat person in the mirror.....imagine my horror when I looked up while washing my hands and my upper arms look HUGE! (surely its not b/c they are)!!!! Ugh-thats motivation.

Not sure if I remembered to tell you last week after my visit with the spine doctor I have arthritis. In other news Tuesday afternoon I am having an epidural injection in my back to try and help isolate the pain. If it helps the next step is singeing the nerves in that lower area. Please feel free to give me your support. If you only have a horror story about please keep it to yourself. Of course I have tried many other things before this step and something has to give. The pain that I have in my lower back daily is almost debilitating, and has really affected my lifestyle. Later if I am not too loopy I will let you all know how I am.

So remember....I want your love and support! And if you dont have anything nice to say...dont say anything.

I am a Twit!!

So I have given in to the pressure...if you are signed up on twitter find me my username is: seriouslyreal or leave me a comment with yours, and I will come stalk or follow if you would prefer.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dirty Word

This sign was for sale in a store I stopped in today. I had not seen it before, maybe you guys have. It is too funny too not share in case you haven't seen it!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another week of work!

{ae filkins}
Click on photo above to visit EMME over at Amber's blog.
She has organized a support group to help us to get more healthy.
First the details, I lost .5 this week. Still moving in the right direction. I know that half the battle is having the right mindset so I have been trying my best to be thinking that way. My own my mind seems to be my biggest enemy as I have said before.
Amber's question this week is:
Name your guilty pleasure.
Think of a healthier choice you could use as a substitute.
My guilty pleasure these days seems to be laziness. This laziness is being driven by the back pain. For which I finally have diagnosed as arthritis in 3 joints in my lower back including my SI joint. Basically what it means it far too much pain. My doctor now has a plan of treatment. I am thinking positive thoughts about making the treatment work and rejoining my life that has been on pause toooo long. Ready to hit play!
Don't forget to leave a comment if you have any suggestions for me-I need all the help I can get. And be sure to visit Amber's blog and leave some feedback for everyone struggling with self-improvement.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cranky...and other stuff!!

I am cranky.....more about that in a few days when I am less cranky!!
On a more positive note Saturday night my husband and I will be going (with a group of friends) to see Kenny Chesney. Whom I think is precious and I love his music, my husband could be his biggest fan!! He finds the tropical sounds relaxing. So like every girl with somewhere to go, now I am in a delima over what to wear, any suggestions? I am a little upset that my cute cowboy boots no longer fit. They are from my college days, and for some reason my freakin feet grew a half size with each of my 2 pregnancies. Another very good reason for stopping at 2 kids.
Now if only my butt had grown only 2 sizes.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Not a pretty picture......

Why is it that every week I am surprised I have not lost more than I have that week. Considering you get out as much as you put in, and evidently I am not putting enough in! (enough whining)
Welcome to another edition of Extreme Makeover Me Edition hosted by Amber be sure and go over and visit the inspirational Amber and Mr. Linky to give encouragement, something everyone can use!!
{ae filkins}

Every week Amber gives us a question to help us and others think about where we are, and where we are going and how to best get there. This weeks question is...........

Show us your inspiration picture. Of yourself skinny, of yourself fat, of a celebrity that inspires you to keep going.

See that doorway to the left of the mirror? That is my master bedroom, I wish I could count the number of times in a day I walk by here. Recently I have made and effort to actually slow down and look in the mirror, and really see myself. Not just the person my brain thinks I am. (in my mind I am 117 lb) In actuality I am not! That would be my unpretty picture.

What keeps you going?

Moving in the right direction, and if its working be sure to share!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! I have met many great moms here in blog land! I have enjoyed getting to know you and believe in real life we would be fast
friends. Hope you all had a good day with your family.

And now a peek at my mothers day. First here I am with my girls, this certainly shows their personality. These pics were taken Saturday the Clinton Presidential Library downtown. My good friend Tracy was nice enough to take pictures of the girls Saturday and I snuck into this one. Without a doubt there will be more that I want to share later.
These last to pics I borrowed from flickr.....
You know I have been having back pain, my huband indulged my request for the pedestals for the washer & dryer I bought last spring. I did not buy them at the time b/c I am short.... 5'0", didn't think I needed them and wanted to be able to use the top surface as a folding table. The best part was he installed them before he showed me that was my surprise!
My favorite gift was the Pandora bracelet!!
This is not my bracelet...

Being a Stay at Home Mom for 11 years has been the most difficult and rewarding thing I have ever done!! Way back my first Mother's Day I told my husband I did not need a gift, just take the girls and entertain them for a day. I didn't care where they went or what they did I just wanted a peaceful day at home by myself with silence.....and every year he has come through. I have great kids and a great husband!! I love you guys.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Show us where you live living rooms!!

Everybody knows Kelly...she is the mom of the beautiful baby Harper!! She is hosting a house tour, this week we are showcasing living rooms. Click here to visit her living room and Mr. Linky to visit new friends.

I have a family room and what we call a sitting room. Of course no one sits in it, but it is pretty to look at. The rooms are pretty open to one another divided only by the double sided fireplace that is in serious need of updating. We are not proud of the green tile with brass surround (bet you can guess when the house was built) We are not the original owners of this house, but it is beautiful and in a great location we love it!!

Below is the family room side of the fireplace-pics were taken in October.

Below is the family room area-how about the Y&R?? The rest are the sitting room, we pass through here to get to the master bedroom and the office area. The office we use as a den type of room and it is my favorite room of the house. I will share it on a later day.

Don't forget to visit other homes on the tour!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Not really what I had in mind...

....but better than a poke in the eye!

{ae filkins}

This week I lost a grand total of 1.5 pounds. So not a huge weight loss which is certainly preferable to weight gain. As you have no doubt guessed by now I am a fly by the seat of my pants girl, I am sure not having a plan is holding me back. I just hate to be accountable. That is my own issue....maybe someday! I did do a pretty good job of not eating junk. Adding in some fruit (the man selling fresh strawberries out of the back of his truck on the side of the road has returned) and cutting way back on soda and junk has been key for me. I know if I added in exercise it may help to up my results. And for the question of the week:

Today share one thing with that you absolutely love about yourself:

This is an easy one for me-my hair! Luckily it is not affected by my weight its always the same! I do get highlights every 6-8 weeks. Recently I find myself wishing I had never started with the highlights, as you can't stop. Those roots get a little excessive and I am run right back to the salon. Its like crack for your hair. :) I should also tell you I have used the same girl since I was 11. She was fresh out of beauty school working at a mall salon and my mom and I went to her a few times and I have just followed her all over the place. When I lived 2 hours away I still drove home when it was time to get a haircut. I can't wait to hear what everyone loves about themselves. If you want to read more stories be sure to visit the Mr. Linky party over at Amber's click here.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


As mothers we struggle daily about how to do the best for our kids.
how to handle play dates with a stranger.
Today, I am discussing the play date.
Do we let our children go play at a strangers home?
I think no. It is pretty easy to get to know someone. You will know within minutes if this is someone you can trust with this piece of your heart.
I think the world we live in is a scary place.
Here are my suggestions.
Adapt them to fit your situation.
  • Visit the other parents, when this first play date is suggested try to organize an outing, this could be an hour at the park, a visit to the local fast food place with a playground for ice cream. It is so much easier to leave your child when you are familiar with the host.
  • Make sure your child knows to follow the rules of the house when at a friends house-there is nothing worse than a kid that sasses back when they do not agree with your rules.
  • Teach your kids their phone number and address.
  • Start small-just an hour or two at a time
  • Make definite plans to drop off and pick your child up
  • Ask who will be in the home while your child is there-this is info you need. Point out that you will be there at X time to pick up your child and you expect him to be where you left them.
  • Have the other adults call you if the plan changes so you can make the decision for your child. Don't feel bad, this is your baby we are talking about.

A rite of passage.....

Missy over at It's almost naptime is asking about how to allow your babies to begin to spread their wings.
Last weekend on Friday night I had 12 kids aged 11-14 hanging out at my house. When bedtime came I had 6 girls=2 jr high+4 sixth graders.
This is an average weekend at my house.
And I LOVE it!!
I decided before I had kids to be that mom. I am not an overly fun house isn't decorated to the "T". In no way is my goal to be their friend, I am happy to be their mentor, confidante.
I am also willing to hear all stories and know lots about what is going on with the classmates. I like that and feel better able to guide my children to the correct path. When needed I am happy to pass on advice and "secrets" to the appropriate parents,
because I am of the it takes a village mentality.
We run into problems when the children are better people than their parents. That happens, and it becomes a time to teach our children why our values are important to us. The most important lesson is follow your gut. As a parent. teach your children to do the same.
Most of us have to ability to do this, and in uncomfortable situations........use your common sense.
Sleepovers are a right of passage.
Help your child use good judgement in who they choose to associate with and hopefully it will follow them throughout their childhood all the way through adulthood.
I wrote a post on discipline that applies to this same idea

Sunday, May 3, 2009


I have been known to say,"I would live vicariously through my children, If only I could get them to do what I want to do!"
Today we had our parent/child meeting for cheer. To meet the new girls and parents.
I was asked to be cheer camp mom. I will be going to cheer camp with these girls. I have never been to cheer camp, but I am thinking I must be pretty cool if I am going to cheer camp!! right?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tanning Bed!!

So, E wanted me to take her to tan one afternoon this week. (I tan on occasion, when getting ready for a trip or night out. I am not against it for adults. Just growing children) In case I haven't mentioned it enough she is 14! My reaction was NO FREAKIN WAY!! Because that is my first reaction to most any question I am asked!!! (lots of exclamations points)

I told her I have spent the last 14 years of her life slathering her in sunblock and no.....not gonna help her fry her pretty skin.

I don't want to judge those who think this is OK. (HA) Its not right for my child--she is a child and I would no more give her a glass of wine with dinner.

What do you think about this subject??? I need some input.