Monday, May 25, 2009

Several things...

On Monday we went to see Night at the Museum! I thought it was really cute. I have not seen the first one, and yet I still enjoyed the second one.

About half-way through the movie I needed to visit the ladies room. While there I made the mistake of looking into the mirror, I have shared with you all how I do not see a fat person in the mirror.....imagine my horror when I looked up while washing my hands and my upper arms look HUGE! (surely its not b/c they are)!!!! Ugh-thats motivation.

Not sure if I remembered to tell you last week after my visit with the spine doctor I have arthritis. In other news Tuesday afternoon I am having an epidural injection in my back to try and help isolate the pain. If it helps the next step is singeing the nerves in that lower area. Please feel free to give me your support. If you only have a horror story about please keep it to yourself. Of course I have tried many other things before this step and something has to give. The pain that I have in my lower back daily is almost debilitating, and has really affected my lifestyle. Later if I am not too loopy I will let you all know how I am.

So remember....I want your love and support! And if you dont have anything nice to say...dont say anything.


  1. Oh Lynn...I hope the injection went well. My sister used to work for a doctor that did those shots and they were so helpful to people. Having back pain is a horrible way to live and I pray that these help you!

  2. You are definitely in my thoughts!