Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Not a pretty picture......

Why is it that every week I am surprised I have not lost more than I have that week. Considering you get out as much as you put in, and evidently I am not putting enough in! (enough whining)
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Every week Amber gives us a question to help us and others think about where we are, and where we are going and how to best get there. This weeks question is...........

Show us your inspiration picture. Of yourself skinny, of yourself fat, of a celebrity that inspires you to keep going.

See that doorway to the left of the mirror? That is my master bedroom, I wish I could count the number of times in a day I walk by here. Recently I have made and effort to actually slow down and look in the mirror, and really see myself. Not just the person my brain thinks I am. (in my mind I am 117 lb) In actuality I am not! That would be my unpretty picture.

What keeps you going?

Moving in the right direction, and if its working be sure to share!


  1. Very thought provoking. That is something that we should all do a little bit more of. I think that is how the pounds creep on...we get used to looking at the person we "think" we are...rather than looking at the real us.

    I love the mirrow too btw :)

    Have a great week!

  2. A great perspective... We all try to fool ourselves so we dont have to accept ourselves as we are. Good luck this week!

  3. I completely understand! Sometimes I see pictures of me and think "good grief, is that me?" I know I have a few pounds to lose, but it's like I keep seeing my 105 pound self, even though I'm not that person anymore.

  4. Well there is a happy medium to be found. A balance to be struck. Too many people look in the mirror and are never happy with what they see (even when they're healthy and fit.) The fact that you are trying to find that honesty is a good thing. Good luck.

    Great mirror and cute puppy!

  5. I know what you mean! I can't believe how fat I am for real when I see me in pictures!

    UGH! I love the mirror's lovely!

    Good luck this week and you can do it!

  6. Baby Steps my friend! Real change takes time and doesn't happen overnight. You can do this!

    I'm still surprised when I pass a mirror that I'm not blonde!

    Have a wonderful week!

  7. What a great insight and so true. And I love that mirror!

    I hope you have a wonderful week.


  8. I loved this post. Thank you! Have a wonderful week. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  9. LOVE this!! My brain thinks that I'm still 135. Some days I literally just want to scream and unzip this body, and step out the person I see in my mind. It is SO frustrating!!

    But seeing, REALLY seeing ourselves for what we are, is SO key. Last week, I was about to get in the shower, and I was looking at something on my side, in one of my stretch marks from kiddos {OY} and I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. So I made myself look, really study myself, and I was shocked!! It did help me, however, in getting totally serious and committed.

    Great post!

  10. Just step in front of that mirror and appreciate the person in front of it. Each time you do, getting that weight off will be so much easier.

  11. I love your perspective. We do have to really see ourselves and embrace ourselves.

    By the way, love the mirror. It's so beautiful!

    Good luck this week.

    Much love from NJ,

  12. I agree that there definitely needs to be a balance! I don't look in the mirror and see myself as thinner...I obsess and study myself ever single day hoping I'll see a huge difference (ie. my stomach will not look sooo huge!) one of these days...