Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A rite of passage.....

Missy over at It's almost naptime is asking about how to allow your babies to begin to spread their wings.
Last weekend on Friday night I had 12 kids aged 11-14 hanging out at my house. When bedtime came I had 6 girls=2 jr high+4 sixth graders.
This is an average weekend at my house.
And I LOVE it!!
I decided before I had kids to be that mom. I am not an overly fun mom....my house isn't decorated to the "T". In no way is my goal to be their friend, I am happy to be their mentor, confidante.
I am also willing to hear all stories and know lots about what is going on with the classmates. I like that and feel better able to guide my children to the correct path. When needed I am happy to pass on advice and "secrets" to the appropriate parents,
because I am of the it takes a village mentality.
We run into problems when the children are better people than their parents. That happens, and it becomes a time to teach our children why our values are important to us. The most important lesson is follow your gut. As a parent. teach your children to do the same.
Most of us have to ability to do this, and in uncomfortable situations........use your common sense.
Sleepovers are a right of passage.
Help your child use good judgement in who they choose to associate with and hopefully it will follow them throughout their childhood all the way through adulthood.
I wrote a post on discipline that applies to this same idea

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