Tuesday, May 5, 2009


As mothers we struggle daily about how to do the best for our kids.
how to handle play dates with a stranger.
Today, I am discussing the play date.
Do we let our children go play at a strangers home?
I think no. It is pretty easy to get to know someone. You will know within minutes if this is someone you can trust with this piece of your heart.
I think the world we live in is a scary place.
Here are my suggestions.
Adapt them to fit your situation.
  • Visit the other parents, when this first play date is suggested try to organize an outing, this could be an hour at the park, a visit to the local fast food place with a playground for ice cream. It is so much easier to leave your child when you are familiar with the host.
  • Make sure your child knows to follow the rules of the house when at a friends house-there is nothing worse than a kid that sasses back when they do not agree with your rules.
  • Teach your kids their phone number and address.
  • Start small-just an hour or two at a time
  • Make definite plans to drop off and pick your child up
  • Ask who will be in the home while your child is there-this is info you need. Point out that you will be there at X time to pick up your child and you expect him to be where you left them.
  • Have the other adults call you if the plan changes so you can make the decision for your child. Don't feel bad, this is your baby we are talking about.


  1. I must somewhat know the parents and who is there etc...really my kids do not go to houses we don't know very well....you can never be to careful!
    sandy toe

  2. I am very lucky. I have always known the parents of my kids friends. I live in a small town and we go to a K-8 very parent involved school so I got to know everyone very early on. My kids (now 2 in high school) still don't go to peoples houses I don't know. I trust my kids but they just can't forsee all the dangers sometimes.