Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cranky...and other stuff!!

I am cranky.....more about that in a few days when I am less cranky!!
On a more positive note Saturday night my husband and I will be going (with a group of friends) to see Kenny Chesney. Whom I think is precious and I love his music, my husband could be his biggest fan!! He finds the tropical sounds relaxing. So like every girl with somewhere to go, now I am in a delima over what to wear, any suggestions? I am a little upset that my cute cowboy boots no longer fit. They are from my college days, and for some reason my freakin feet grew a half size with each of my 2 pregnancies. Another very good reason for stopping at 2 kids.
Now if only my butt had grown only 2 sizes.


  1. I love Kenny! I saw him in concert a couple years ago...before kids.

    I would just wear a nice shirt and jeans. His shoe is pretty laid back afterall.

    Have a great time!

  2. Jeans and a cute t-shirt!

    My feet grew a size when I was pregnant and nursing but eventually went back to normal...what's with that anyway?