Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Uh oh--up is the wrong way to go!!!

{ae filkins}

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My week....didn't go as well as it has in the past few. I am up .5 lbs. This seems minor, unfortunately even to me. I am not one to beat myself up over such matters, obviously or I wouldn't be where I am today. Its just that I am realistic about such matters. There will be up and down weeks.
Yesterday I had my first epidural injection to treat my back pain. I am very optimistic about it helping, hard to say if it is....there seems to be discomfort at the injection site. I go back on the 15th for another injection. I do intend to get outside and walk with the intent to call it exercise. Starting late this week. There is a long list of things I am not supposed to do, cleaning is on that list. Today I intend to enjoy it!!! My kids last day of school was Friday and we have not been able to spend one day at home. I have decided today will be THE day we spend at home. shhhhh.....I haven't told the kids yet!!
Every week Amber asks a question of all of us......but not this week!! Lucky for you, this post has gotten way to long anyway!!


  1. I'm so glad that you are getting help for your back pain. That will make it so much easier for you to move and get the exercise you need!

    Baby Steps!

  2. I hope the injections work for you!! Back pain must just be the worst! Have a great day at home!!

    xoxo ~Lisa

  3. Sorry about that .5 lbs....but that is no biggie! I am sure it will be outta here by next week!!!! Hope that shot works..that pain must be so terrible.

    Have a great Day!

  4. I love your great attitude! I AM one who beats myself up when I don't do well. If I work hard and don't see results, I get frustrated. But if I go backward because of my own lack of will power it makes me really mad!

    You're so lucky your kids are out of school...mine have to go 'til the 10th!

  5. 5 lbs is small.. you will get back on that in no time.. feel better with your back babe!

  6. Next week not only will you shed the .5 pounds but lose more. I hope your back gets better!!!
    Have a great day!

  7. Keep us posted on whether or not the epidural injection helps with your back pain. There are not many things worse than back problems, and they sure make it difficult to work out!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and offering some words of encouragement!

    Have a fabulous day!