Thursday, July 16, 2009

How to find your lifes purpose.

And other questions that a facebook couldn't possibly answer!!
Hi, my name is Lynn and I am a facebookaholic.
Nice to meet you, {your name here}
I have an addiction. I am working on the assumption that you are familiar with facebook. If you have/read/like blogging you have access to the internets. The only way you have not heard of facebook is if you have been under a rock. (and your way too pretty to have been under a rock) :)
I digress. Back to facebook.
Surely, you have also taken one of those insane quizzes that has no basis on fact/reality/actuality. But, in an effort to let you know more about me I want to share some of the answers I have received on these unreal quizzes.

"What Cute Love Quote Are You"
with the result:
If I Can Only Be With You In My Dreams, Then Let Me Sleep Forever..

(seriously?) I think I could live without you. And what in the world is cute about that quote? I am a southern girl and when we say sleeping forever we do mean death! Most likely written by someone who thinks vampires are hot.

How Country Are You?
My result is: Weekend Country

(good to know I am not Weekday Country. Does that mean I don't say ain't or y'all during the week?)

What personality type are you?


(shocking, just shocking)

How Psychopathic are you?
You got Normal

(again-how could they know? I think of myself as a bit more psychopathic than normal....)

What colour is your soul?
You got Green

(Green? Why green? I wanna be more fun that is so boring.)

The best part about these quizzes, I think they are written by teenagers! As most of them are not only poorly written but totally misspelled. Which just make taking them that much more interesting. Cause what in the world do teenagers know about life??


  1. LOL - all of it is so true...I'm addicted to those quizzes but everytime I get the results I wonder why I take them because there is no way there is any truth to any of them...

  2. That is funny... I've taken a few too, and it is addicting... once you take one, then it prompts you to do like three or four more. And the next thing you know it's 2:00 AM, and you just found out which "Seinfield" character you are... again! HA!