Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hello! Hello? is anybody out there?

{ae filkins}

Welcome to another week of love from Amber and the peeps that frequent her blog! She gathers us once a week to share our struggles with eating better and becoming a more healthy person.

Here is how my week went! Like crap......I seem to be stuck. I guess I shouldnt complain too much, I am stuck at my lowest weight in the 8 months. But its just so frustrating. As I have said in the past few weeks, I would see more progress if I put more work into it!

My fridge went out on Monday. (the part wont be in until Friday) My biggest problem here has been no ice! Crap, I love me some ice. I refuse to drink anything without ice. Even if it is cold from the fridge it must have ice. I dont even drink coffee b/c warm drinks make me GAG! Ick.

And with the holiday this weekend I dont think things are going to get any better. Our little town has a parade, and a festival. After the parade instead of spending our money at the festival we host a neighborhood potluck. Kids swim, we shoot off fireworks, then we take our golf car to go watch the HUGE fireworks show that is done by the city to conclude the festival. We gather on the golf course where the country club sets up a bar for us to "visit"! Because fireworks and alcohol go together so well..........


  1. No fridge and no ice?!? Ugh! I can't imagine!

    Have a fabulous time celebrating this weekend!

  2. What a bummer about your fridge! I agree...I have to have ice. I almost broke up with my husband when we were dating because he didn't have any ice cube trays and he made me drink a rum and diet coke luke warm. GROSS!

    I wanna have drinks while I watch fireworks!! I'm thinking UTAH isn't into that....

  3. Have Fun this weekend. Too bad about the Fridge!
    You will have better days!

  4. OMG, you made me laugh out loud when I read how your week went: like crap. So funny. I love that you are keeping it real.

    I'm so sorry about your fridge, what a bummer! You should just enjoy yourself on the 4th and then get serious afterwards. I go crazy if I can't have a guilt-free day every once in a while, and holidays are so hard to be good for. Good luck this week and have a fun 4th!


  5. Big hugs! It will get better!

  6. Yuck...refrigerator going out, no ice?! What's a girl to do?? Hope your next week goes MUCH better!

  7. Hmmm, no ice must suck though I don't use ice often really. Just do your best on the 4th, and get excited about doing your best on the 5th. :)

  8. Hope things get better for you!

    Love the last line!

  9. No frige - not fun! I hope this week is better!

    I feel ya though... being stuck is annoying. I have realized at this point I'm going to kick it up a notch to move past this spot. Joy...

    Hope y'all have a great holiday tomorrow... I grew up going to that festival too. We may have to pay it a visit this year. :-)