Thursday, November 12, 2009

What a pit

This is my day today! Decided to share in depth my messy laundry room. I am thankful to have a laundry room. Just wish it would clean itself!

laundry 12 1. I hang clean clothes on the crank used to open and close the window. Real classy. I MUST fold and hang straight from the dryer. I refuse to iron anything.

2. Need I say more?

3. I do HATE laundry therefore it gets stacked up on me!

4. The laundry room sink is never used. This is pretty much a catch all area and folding space.

5. You hear people complain about how stinky front loaders are? There is a drain in here that gets clogged up. I had a repairman come out b/c mine wasn’t draining right and this drain was FULL. It had money, hair, pen caps, barrettes, earrings and lots of nasty water.

laundry_1 1. Sarah Jane’s list that stems from her lack of responsibility a few weeks ago.

2. We order 4 weeks at a time. This is our copy so the girls know when they need to carry a lunch. They fill out their own menu and usually pack their own lunch.

3. Crap that should be somewhere else. It is just piled into the basket. UGH I should be putting it away instead of blogging.

4. Socks. I HATE socks! They are a natural enemy of mine.

5. This basket belongs here. It has things that we usually can’t find.


Thought you might like to have a close up of this clip storage thingy. My sister in law wanted one when she was decorating her toddlers room to hang art work on. Rather than spending $35. each for them my husband made her 3. And I fell in love with it so he made me one too. It is really handy and in the picture above you can see more of it, this is a closer picture.

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