Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So Random

I don’t think even I can keep up with my rambling thoughts.

Thanks to our veterans. Thanks for doing what so many won’t. You are special and we are thankful to be part of these United States!

I went to the supercenter this morning. You know the one.

They have now have a medical clinic up front.

So theoretically I could-

  • bank
  • get a mani/pedi
  • get a haircut
  • have my car worked on
  • eat at the golden arch’s
  • get a prescription filled
  • see the eye doctor
  • buy my new eyeglasses
  • get a hunting/fishing license

Can you stand it?? Makes me want to ditch the blue buggy and run to Target. Except I needed groceries. And we dont have a super T!

I think I only shaved one armpit yesterday. That or my hair is growing very quickly-lets hope not! (maybe its b/c I am team Jacob)

Took my oldest to the eye doctor yesterday (not at the supercenter) Her vision stinks. I actually feel bad for her. Then she wore the gereatric glasses out b/c she had her eyes dilated. Hilarious. I didn’t snap a pic. I think she could beat me down if she wanted to. And I wouldn’t want a pic of me floating around I HATE. Being a teenager is hard enough.

The youngest made a 95% last math test! WOOOHOO she needed it. At parent teacher conferences her math teacher told me she likes to pretend her calculator is a cell phone. She's 12! Too old to act like that! Her math grade first quarter was 63%. I am a stellar parent!

More tomorrow!

Off to find some Japanese food for lunch.

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  1. That was a whole lot of random! Yay to your youngest for such a great math test score!