Sunday, November 1, 2009

Smashing Pumpkins

How beautiful is that….pumpkins all lined up. Straight from the pumpkin patch at the local WM! $3.88 really you can’t beat that for pumpkins that the neighborhood thugs are going to smash right in my own driveway. Never fear, my husband being the responsible adult he is, promptly scooped up the pieces and deposited them on the thugs front porch! (we have spoken with the parents in the past about the egging, and the tomatoes. But their kid would NEVER do that. I sat in the house and watched them do that) Oh, and my kids had no idea this is how it was handled. No reason to let them think that is ok! The following pictures detail the pumpkin carving event.193 What is that? Thats a teenager being nice to Daddy. Not an everyday event at our house. Do you have moody teenagers?210 Artist at work. She put a frowing face on hers because she IS a moody teenager! And I love her to pieces!225 Cause doesn’t everyone carve pumpkins with power tools?232 In case you can’t see her bow, there in the center is Hello Kitty. She always wanted to be a Jack O’ Lantern!235

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