Thursday, November 19, 2009

Super Stretch Jeans

And by that I do mean super stretch jeans. They are a thing of wonder.

And really, they did burst onto the scene at just the right time.

20 years ago I would not have appreciated them. I might have even been angry at the way they stretched out before the day ended.

But now….I worship the rack these treasures were pulled from. The dressing room I tried them on in, a thing of beauty. The mirror that showed my backside looking a bit smaller than I really am, it is queen of all the mirrors in the land.

These jeans could stand a few improvements Like in the knee area and the thighs, mine would be just fine in old fashioned fabric.

But they still aren’t the soft, warm, and cozy pj pants that I love to slip into at the end of the day. May the fashion industry strive towards  comfort for all!!

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