Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving day #2

Let me tell you about my turkey cooking. The first (and only) Thanksgiving I hosted when my turkey caught on fire!

What you need to hear the story???

A chef I am not.

So I ordered a fried turkey ahead of time. My husband picked it up Thanksgiving morning. He was given the heating instructions . When it was almost time to eat I pulled it out of the refrigerator to get ready to heat. It came in a brown paper sack and I thought, well maybe that is a special way you heat a fried turkey.

Really, I thought that!

So I popped it right into the oven and went about finishing the rest of the dinner (which we eat at lunchtime). About 12 minutes later I could smell something and opened the oven to check it almost as an after thought. Sure enough there was a hole with crispy edges and flames shooting out of the bag.

Fire is one sure way to get everyone running. The minute I pull that paper bag out of the oven they are alternately exclaiming over the flames and laughing so hard they are crying.

Myself, all tears. Boy did I feel like a moron. All that prep for the side dishes. I made 2 pies, the first time I had ever baked a pie.

And then it all went down up in flames!

And with my in-laws there. Nothing makes your mistakes seem bigger than when your mother-in-law witnesses them!


  1. Too funny. I had a visual of the entire event...and I'm still laughing.

  2. hilarious... and you are right... nothing worse than making a mistake like that in front of the mother in law!

  3. Well at least you can laugh about it now...but I too would have been in tears!