Monday, April 27, 2009

When life changes....

E~November 1997
3 years old
with her "B" this
E~April 2009
14 years old
a heartbreaker

....not a bad change just different. At our home we are entering a new phase of life. My oldest is 14 ~little missy, we will call her E has her first boyfriend. She is in 8th grade. I told myself this will last a few days and be over. Not true. It has been 4 months!?!!???! The last month they have actually moved from just texting and seeing each other at school to wanting to spend time together on the weekends. I feel like I am in wayyy over my head. So far I have been able to have them (and friends) at our house where I am the supervision. How long that will last is unknown. E is a great kid, straight A's, has a few friends at a time, and is reserved and generally a good and level-headed kid. She is I think what we could call it "blossoming" and I don't like it one bit!!!

I have always been of the "it takes a village" philosophy, unfortunately, it seems as if I am the only one going through this stage. I need help-----how do I handle this life transition with grace??


  1. Oh, I wish I could impart some type of wisdom. I only have a almost 13 yr. old boy. Thankfully showing no interest in girls. I believe it comes in eight grade?!

    I would only say my best "strategy", because I haven't actually had to apply it yet, is to be as supportive as possible, so that she will continue to come and confide in you.

    I'll be watching and looking for more advice :)

    xoxo ~Lisa

  2. I agree with Lisa.. Just be as supportive as you can. Your her momma.. so it will be hard.

    But she is very beautiful!