Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Tip

This is what the Easter Bunny brought for my girls. We use the same baskets every year. I used to wrap them with tulle and tie with cute Easter ribbon, that stopped a year or so ago. (no idea why) The big yellow chick is new this year, my younger daughter saw it in the window of the hallmark store next to her orthodontist. In a moment of weakness I went and bought it after she was checked in at school. This is our 14th Easter as parents, in the early years when there was not much money to spare I realized they would not remember the stuffed animals as they had so MANY. And I was right they didn't. In a couple of weeks when I am sure they will not miss them, I will pack these away with the Easter decor and pull them out again in the rotation several years from now.


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  1. Hey, girl - I've been catching up on your blog. You're such a hoot. Glad y'all had a good Easter. :-)