Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday (a little early)

This is my first ever Outdoor Wednesday post.
It is hosted by A Southern Daydreamer go check out everyones take on Outdoor Wednesday! I hope to participate often, I plan to begin planting this weekend and I am getting very excited about it!

First swim of the summer....in April!

First one was pushed in fully dressed, then I had the neighborhood kids flocking to the pool. All fully dressed!

I love summer, I love planting my flowers, I love the freedom, I love the warm weather, I love the visiting with friends that we never seem to have time for any other time.

What do you love about Summer?


  1. An easy schedule! What a fun yard you have. Happy O.W.!

  2. What fun - the first swim of the season. My mom used to make us wait until it was 80 degrees before our first swim. We would actually sit and watch the thermometer!

  3. Hello, I love the fruits and flowers and the beaches though I haven't been to one in a while!

    Lovely picture for a Wednesday!

  4. Sorry I am late getting around to visit... I hope you had a Happy Outdoor Wednesday....and that you will participate again soon! Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan