Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Extreme Makeover ME Edition

Welcome to week 2 of Extreme Makeover ME Edition here at keepin it real. For more stories visit Amber's site for more life changing stories.
Things have not gone very well here. If you are looking for progress and motivation, keep on going b/c its not here!! :( I have been having some tough mental days and been down. No particular reason why, I just tend to be that way. For me to say I have been doing great at the exercise and eating right and on the path to weight loss would be a lie. In the spirit of keepin' it real, there has been no progress and I haven't even gone in to weigh myself to see if there has been damage!
To Amber's question this week:
How are you keeping track of your achievements? This blog of course. I need to find a ticker to use on this blog to have a visual reference. I can usually tell by my energy level.
How do you reward yourself when you achieve a goal? I am not a goal setter, I would like to look and feel better in general. This is my goal. I am also not much of a list maker. I keep everything in my head that is going on. This could be my problem....too much swirling around up there.
I am optimistic that with Spring arriving and the sunshine being bright and warm I will find my motivation.
Come back next Wednesday~ Things can only get better!


  1. It's okay Lynn! The thing I keep repeating to myself is 'Tomorrow is a new day'. You sound a lot like me. I get down mentally & emotionally quite often. Actually, I cycle. I have a few good days, then a bad one or two, then good again. I've most recently come to realize this b/c of blogging. It's been good for me to see.

    I think it might be good for you to write things down somewhere. Even if it's just a big calendar. Today I've heard ideas of writing down foods you ate, how you felt, if you exercised. Someone said they cross off the day with an 'x' if they exercised and that it was really motivating to them when there weren't enough x's.

    You don't have to make lists, but one of the keys to Weight Watchers, and why it is so successful is the tracking. I've found this SO key for me. The last 2 weeks I haven't tracked, and I haven't lost, but instead gained 1 pound. If that's not motivation, I don't know what is!!

    Here's to a new day tomorrow! Email me if you need a good kick in the pants! :)

  2. It's hard to stay focused when you're down. You have a great attitude saying that things can only get better. You're so right.

    Good luck this week. I have already started eating the Easter candy and thank goodness the kids' baskets are now put together and sealed shut so I can't stick anymore chocolate candy in my mouth.

    Happy Easter!

    Much love from NJ,

  3. I think we all have bad weeks. I am really hoping that my energy level increases fast because my 8pm I am wiped out! My son is no longer taking a nap in the afternoon as of this week so I'm not getting my housework done. I hate feeling like I'm not in control of my life.

    Good luck this week!