Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lynn Needs:

I was over reading some old posts on Connie's blog and she posted some of the thing.s she needs per google.....me being the follower that I am thought this might be fun! Here is what Lynn needs according to google.

Lynn you need to figure out a special way to deal with your stress girl. Another way besides food. Go for a walk, a hot bath, ...
Lynn need some hugs from you!!
Lynn Needs Help With Her Baby Y'all!.
LYNN needs help
(no lie-those were the first 4 things google tells me I need)
Lynn needs a blog {there is one we can take off the list}
Lynn Needs Your Help Again -- Vote for her in Flex Magazine's Bikini Contest! She has posed for Playboy and was on VH1's Most Smartest Model. {I am guessing this is not the same Lynn that needs to find a way to handle stress that is not food}

I am cracking myself up!!!

1 comment:

  1. I love these google searches!

    Just call me...if you need help! LOL!