Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Extreme Makeover Me Edition

Here we are it has been another week. Be sure to visit Mr. Linky at Amber's website to learn more about her EMME!

{ae filkins}

Yesterday morning I was feeling thinner, I weighed and was down 2 pounds. In my effort to actually keep things real I went ahead and weighed this morning and found yesterdays 2 pounds....yep! I am right back where I was last week. I really am feeling better. Everyday I am trying harder to drink more water. (with the help of my Sonic cup)
My arms are feeling smaller, my face looks smaller. This week I am going to embrace that small victory and let myself enjoy the progress hopefully it will emerge in the form of motivation! (let me just get out my ring for the wonder twin activate in the form of positive self talk) If you didn't get that....sorry! If you did-well you know what that means!
This weeks question posed to all of us is.......

"Who is your biggest supporter/motivator in your weight loss? Do you have anyone around you that tries to sabotage you by "talking" you in to eating the not so good stuff?"

My husband is supportive, would do anything I asked him to help me out. (I just never ask) He would never make a comment about what I am eating or not eating. Exercising or not. Unless I specifically ask him to. And I don't. I don't like that kind of accountability. It makes me so much more likely to "cheat" when he is not around!

I did say in my last post that my daughter has been all about the exercise! She is very active and really happy to push me into working out...and if I slip into calling myself fat, she is quick to say "your not fat" its nice to hear, even if I know better. (I am just sayin')

That leads to to the biggest sabotager (is that a word?) that would be me. I am too laid back. It shows in my diet! Which also shows in my butt.......


  1. Hi Lynn! Nice to meet you. I just joined the EMME team today and am hoping for support/motivation! I too believe it takes a village. :)

    Good job on the two pounds down! Keep it up.

  2. Dang those 2 pounds! That happens to me ALL THE TIME!

    You just reminded husband has been working on a side project at night. Usually he would go down to his office and work but he has been bringing his laptop upstairs and sitting next to me while he works. Sweet really, but I CAN'T SNACK! LOL!

    Have a GREAT week!

  3. My daughter is a big motivator too. So full of energy and loves to exercise with mama ;) Don't ya just love "feeling thinner" woohoo! Great job on 2 pounds!

  4. I think when we "feel" thinner, we feel better about ourselves and carry ourselves in such a way that we DO look better! Keep at it and you'll see those 2 lbs. - and many more - disappear with ease!

    I'm with you - I'm the one who sabotages myself the most too!

  5. You are adorable! You are staying positive, and to me if I can be positive that is my biggest support. I also am the one who talks myself into eating that entire pizza...not good!:-) Those pounds will be gone again, just watch!:-)

  6. Sometimes feeling and looking better is more important than what the scale shows!

  7. It's really nice to meet you! I'm glad I'm joining in EM:ME! It's so great and inspiring to go around and read everyone posts and know that I'm not alone and learn from what other people are saying. Sounds like your hubby and your daughter are good motivators. Family can be both sometimes. It's hard for them to adjust to our new way of eating and living healthy. I am probably my own sabotager too sometimes...mind games are horrible!

    Hope you have a great week!!!

  8. You feel thinner because you probably are thinner...remember losing inches does not always mean losing pounds!

    I'm glad your husband and daughter are such huge boyfriend is my biggest sabatoger..he buys all the bad food and then eats it in front of me...and of course then I have to have some too! lol.