Sunday, June 28, 2009

...It'll be alright, come Monday I'll be.......

In the gym by daylight??
Probably not but it sounds good with the song.
One of my very good high school buddies has decided to join us for EMME. Please take a minute today to stop over, read her story and welcome her into our group. Click on link to go Tricia's blog.
Thanks my blogger peeps!!! You are the best!


  1. YAY! The more the merrier!! Headed over now....

  2. What a great post your friend wrote...very inspiring! I hope she enjoys EM:ME as much as I do.

  3. Thanks, Lynn! I'm looking forwarding to meeting everyone and getting into the swing of things. Yes, a village is ALWAYS helpful!

    And... thanks for your comment and encouragement. It'll be great doing this together! Love you, girl!