Sunday, June 14, 2009

Show us where you live....

It's another show us where you live Friday...that I didn't get to until Sunday. Click on the picture above to visit Kelly's blog and the bathrooms of MANY others.

Welcome to our bath:
this is the entrance from the master bedroom!
The prints are some canvases I bought at Gordmans a couple of years ago. The table is from Pier 1 was labeled as a desk, it has 2 small drawers.

Vanity area. We took the ceiling to top of vanity mirror! It was huge! I really like these that came from Garden Ridge at $99 for each. I wanted to hang them vertically but the sinks are not centered and they looked stupid. They could not hang lower because of electrical outlets. You can tell a man made those decisions. Not a good one. I would have sacrificed those outlets as I have outlets inside the false drawers below the sinks.

Back in 2004 I framed this picture of the girls taken in 2/1998. E was 3 SJ was 5 months old. This was the day before SJ spent 4 days in the hospital with RSV.

The evening I put this picture out SJ wrote this note to E!! I still laugh everytime I see it. I keep it behind the picture in the frame.

The black leather rectangle ottoman came from IO Metro. Most of their stuff is too modern for my taste but a great store.

Our small chandeleir, I love the ceiling medallion! We used a lighting designer from a small local hardware store that didn't charge anything if we bought from him. He spent a couple of hours here at our house helping me to pick fixtures, ceiling fans, and cabinet and door knobs that I ordered as I could.

Both doors are entrances to the L-shaped closets. Our other 2 bathrooms are nothing special and I was too lazy to take pictures and talk about something so uninspiring.


  1. oh goodness! Your bathrooms are my favorite type of style, so beautiful, now I want to see your other home posts haha. Thanks for stopping by, hope you got to tour the whole place. I got the canisters at Target in the houseware section, by the dishes, paper towel holders, that type of stuff. I also have the jars in the kitchen if you care to look back at my home kitchen tour post. I hold animal crackers in one and dog treats in another. I want a huge one for pasta next! haha

  2. Wow your bathroom is beautiful. It's the type of bathroom you could just settle in for a long bubble bath with a good book! Thanks for checking out my blog, sorry to dissappoint for no bathroom! Beleive me it's nothing special! I love my labs! They are so loving!!

  3. Your bathroom is absolutely gorgeous!!!!