Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Best Day

Who is that???

The one and only Taylor Swift!! And let me just tell you, she is adorable. Myself and another mom took 8 girls to the concert then spent the night at Embassy Suites so the girls could get ready together and then spend the evening breaking down the details of the concert. (important stuff)

AB vs Glen Rose and Taylor Swift (100) AB vs Glen Rose and Taylor Swift (179) AB vs Glen Rose and Taylor Swift (180)

If you are familiar with Taylor Swift you know she writes all of her own music. She put on a great show. She took the stage at 9:15 and didn’t finish until 11:15. Between songs she did lots of explaining about what each song meant to her. My absolute favorite explaination was when she was saying that if guys didn’t want her to write bad things about them then they shouldn’t do bad things. AMEN sister.

The other thing she said that my group of 14 year old girls needed to hear was, the bad guys don’t start out looking like bad guys. You can’t just spot them in a crowd in a black cape.

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  1. I've never heard any of her music...but it definitely sounds like she's got good morals and values!

    Hope you all had a great time.