Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Are you my classmate?

How do you know?

In this new age of social networking we are able to connect much more easily than in the past.

My observation is as follows:

92% of the time it is a positive thing

5% of the time it is not

3% of the time it is uncertain.

Blogging is such a great outlet.

The reading and writing of blogs has lead to a great big world of friendships and experiences I might have otherwise missed.

And now for the phony.

We went to high school with Breanna*. Recently Breanna* showed up on facebook masquerading as Parker*. However Parker* aka Breanna* put her email address on her info page. Guess she thought we all got off the boat last night. After some investigation she was emailed straight up and asked, “Are you really Breanna?” She had the nerve to respond with “Darn it, I am supposed to be hiding from an ex.” That's it….no other explanation.

My girlfriends from high school who I have reconnected with on facebook and myself have decided you must really be missing something in your mind to think this is acceptable.

How do you handle a person like this.

To us it seems she just wanted to join facebook see how our life has turned out without letting us in. And I was angry. But mostly, I pity her. I for one would have been happy to see what she was doing. We have been out of high school for 18 years. Most of us left those high school ways behind. I guess not ALL of us.

*not her actual name or alias

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  1. That is bizarre. I have been thinking about deleting all of my FB friends who never update their status. I get frustrated by people who ONLY lurk!