Friday, January 15, 2010


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No, not the Tom I dated in HS. Or maybe his name was Tim. I digress.

But TOM x 2.

He is not a good friend. And the worst part is…in 2003 I had a full hysterectomy so TOM hasn’t been welcome in this house until recently.

And now he ruins not just one week a month.

But two.

(cue the violins)

Both of my daughters now have regular moody monthly visits.

And they haven’t yet synchronized. Hard to say if synchronization would be better at this point. At least at all times I can get one of them to see reason.

But these meltdowns over nothing….

Serenity now!


  1. Oh no!!! Funny thing about that synchronizing thing.

    My sister moved in with me in August. She jacked around trying different Birth Control Pills and would get her period at all different times...and then I would get mine. PISSED me OFF!!

  2. oh you poor thing! I vaguely remember what I was like as a teen with raging hormones and I remember not being very nice!