Tuesday, August 25, 2009

School Days


You know there are several different kinds of mothers.

  • Mothers who start counting down to the first day of school the day school gets out for the summer.
  • Mothers who get to August 1 and are at the end of their rope and can hardly contain themselves.
  • Mothers who leave their kids on the schoolhouse steps and never look back.
  • Mothers who get knots in their stomach at the idea of leaving their kids all day.
  • Mothers who don’t want to be alone, therefore hate leaving their kids at school all day.

Beach 2009 (314) Me-I am a combination of all these.

I don’t countdown the days, but by the end of the summer my kids need to separated.  From each other and me! I know that they need the social aspects of school just as much as they need the education. We go to a smallish Christian school, I leave them knowing they are in a great surrounded by people that love them and want the best for them.

How about you?

Which kind of Mother are you?


  1. I'm the kind of mom who LOVES to be with my kids, and I especially love it when all of us can be together!

    My heart's desire is for them to have the experience of going to school... not for the academics, but so they can learn what it's like to raise their hand when they have to use the restroom and stand in line at lunch time. I love seeing them grow in their independence.

    I also LOVE my time without them! It makes us closer when we are together and can share our experiences.

    But for SOME REASON I am now in a position where I am about to start to home school. Looooonnnnnggggg story. Bottom line: this is where God has placed me. So, despite my definition of the kind of mom I would like to be, I get to try something new. And it all starts Monday. =]

  2. I don't know yet...but I'm already stressing out about sending my boy to school and he's only 3.

  3. I always look forward to the first day of school. For a lot of reasons! THEY are always excited and can't wait to see their friends. Mine at least still love school :)

    I do like the break it gives me, also. Everyone needs to debrief from each other. It makes for a closer family unit, IMO.

    xoxo ~Lisa

  4. Summer break around here doesn't mean much change...I do like the later nights in the summer spent with my boy...but he spends days at daycare while I work...of course there is more of a homework routine when school starts...so I guess I do prefer summer vacation lol...I love laid back and spontaeous.