Saturday, August 15, 2009

Because I'm the Mom thats why!

The words..."Because I am the mom, that's why"! Never get me anywhere with my kids. Now, don't think I don't use it from time to time, usually when I am to lazy to explain myself or take a different approach.

Here is my question to you. Do you ummm......there is no nice way to say this. Bribe your kids? I totally do. We could call it negotiation, but even if we give it a pretty word its bribery.

Its a tool.
A very valuable tool.
Used in the right way, it makes my life easier.

Here is a recent example that comes to mind....

My four-teen year old daughter wants a Ralph Lauren swimsuit with little embroidered ponies on it.! Not gonna spend $145 on 2 teenie little piece of fabric. Fast forward 6 weeks to our vacation, we pop over to the Ralph Lauren outlet at the last minute to "grab" something appropriate to wear for beach photographs. You know how good photos look on the beach when everyone is wearing the same color. Shopping with an almost fif-teen and almost twelve year old trying to get them to agree on ANYTHING is next to impossible!!

I digress.

Little missy spots above mentioned swimsuit from across the store on the clearance rack. She tried it on, of course it is adorable. At this point I have been sucked in. So, I put on my poker face and act like there is noooo way this swimsuit is coming home with me. Take a look at the price tag. $39.99!

HA done deal.

After we leave the fitting room, I make a show of putting the swimsuit back and tell them we need to get back on track. What are we wearing for the pictures?? More discord in the middle of the store. Finally I look at the big girl and say. "I will buy you that swimsuit, IF you wear whatever I want you to wear for the picture" She didn't even have to think about it! OK-she is all the sudden the happiest kid at the mall! My younger daughter, couldn't be bought that day.... :( We went to 4 different stores looking for something....came up with nothing. Finally, I gave up.

We end up wearing clothes we all had, in our suitcases. A quick load of laundry, I think the pics turned out cute.

Santa Rosa Beach

August 1-8, 2009

(excuse my squinting, the sun was killing my eyes)


  1. Adorable picture!

    Yes. I use bribery. Sometimes it works...okay, it works all the time. But at this point the bribes are cheap. I better start saving for the $150 swimming suits....

  2. Cute picture!! We just went to the beach, and had planned on getting family pictures, but it just didn't work out. :(

  3. Love the picture!

    Yep, we 'negotiate' at my house too! lol. The trouble is when my little guy tries to use the same 'negotiation' skills on me...everything is a negotiation and he just won't take no for an answer.

  4. Awesome picture! Beautiful - y'all look great.

    Of course we negotiate... a $5.00 movie, ice cream for dessert... your story reminds me I will have three teenagers ALL AT THE SAME TIME, and I better start saving now! HA!