Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm invisible

Well--you can't see me can you??
invisible-incapable by nature of being seen; inaccessible to view
After a week of a fabulous vacation with my biggest concern being whether or not the kids were sunscreened, it seems as if I have new concepts to ponder. And this concept of invisibility, not a good one. This morning I needed to run a quick errand, (if you must know I broke a nail and needed to go see the nail guy) jumped into the closet to get dressed. Then I just stood there.....looking....I have so many clothes in there and NOTHING to wear. Which I usually think nothing about, however it immediately popped into my head that last week while vacationing I didn't have this problem! In the suitcase I packed only clothes that fit, and were casual enough for my week of doing nothing.
Did you notice that I said I packed only clothes that fit! Why do we do this to ourselves?? It feels like I am in a box, and some days there are not enough ventilation holes in my box to take a deep breath.
On my way into the shopping center to see the nail guy, I had to stop for a steady stream of people coming out of the grocery store and it occurred to me that I dress like I am invisible! Too many days I act like I am invisible. Why is it that I do this to myself?? I get dressed like no one can see me...of course they can! At some point I went from not caring what other people think about me to not caring what I think about me....
it is time to climb back out of that hole.


  1. Girl, it's time to buy some clothes that fit and also flatter your figure!

    I know that's tough to do but you'll feel like a million bucks.

  2. I know what you mean... I've been putting off buying new clothes for A YEAR! Trav says he's fine as long as I don't go back to my "pooh shirt" days.... that's another sad story! HA!

    However, at brunch that day - you looked fabulous. Very stylish, and it was a great color. Plus, your hair and nails are always done! :-)