Saturday, March 28, 2009

Police type shows

We have a DVR~we are not passive DVRers. I have not watched "live" TV in ages. There are several police drama shows (for example: NCIS, Criminal Minds, The get the picture) my husband and I watch together. I say watch, I can't watch these shows if they are something that could happen in real life. I have what my husband calls parentinitis (a play on paranoid) it seems as if most of these shows involve crimes against children and in my opinion criminals don't need any more ideas. The point to this whole rambling story is he has this new habit of making predictions as to whodunnit at the beginning and keeps interrupting my "blogging". I have no idea whodunnit or why he feels this way. I just smile and nod my head. I don't think he is on to me yet! :)
He just asked me "do you think its the guy with the bomb under his bed?" I just smiled and said "Why would he put a bomb under his own bed?"

Bless his heart he has no clue...........

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  1. I can't watch any of those shows with my husband because he always figures out the plot before it's over and ruins the ending.