Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bra Fitting?!!??!!!?!!

March 18~Wednesday (still)

Let me just start this off by telling you that I am leaving at 6 am to fly to the Bahamas to spend 6 nights with my hubby. Not to complain but will it be great?? Of course-this is a trip he won for being one of the top salesmen in the country making it a group trip with 20 couples from all over the world. FYI:this is not a company that is getting a govt. bailout, it is not a publicly traded company, it is owned by a family that has done well and believes in giving back. So a trip with strangers and my husband. Whom I adore-that doesn't mean that I can stand being with him for 6 days. I am a cancer-I like my shell-I enjoy alone time more than anyone I know.

I went to Dillard's today to swimsuit shop. After putting myself through that treat bra fitting was a breeze. I have never been a modest person. Dillard's and Wacoal were having a "fit for the cure" event $2. was being donated to race for the cure just for trying one on with an additional, $2 being donated from every Wacoal bra purchase. The saleslady that rang up my swimsuit talked me into this bra fitting madness. I am happy to report that I lost a cup size!!! Some people pay for bigger cups I am happy to be losing them...God was a little to generous with me. Have you ever been fitted? If not I highly recommend it. It was painless, she never saw anything except my back when she was holding the straps so I could "bend forward and adjust the girls". I now know that I need someone to hold my straps so I can adjust the girls, maybe that was the difference. Oh. and my band size stayed the same. And in and effort to keep it real the magic number is 38 DDD that's down from a 38 G or H sometimes. I know, I am lucky girl! :)

I hate to leave you all so soon after we started. I do plan to leave you in good hands keepin' it real with my real life BFF who is also a blogger...(she bought her boobs) maybe she will tell you all about it.

Perhaps I will bring back a little surprise for my readers in my first ever giveaway! I know you all love a giveaway.

If you are looking for me, this is where I am. Keep it real--


  1. Woooo-hooo....loved it. You have fun on your trip and we will be dreaming of giveaways. :)

  2. Lynn! What fun you are going to have!

    I have had a couple bra fittings over the years and I'm always surprised at what my real size is versus what I think it is.

    Have a great time!