Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thoughts to ponder

Christmas 2008[Christmas+Card+2008+(33).jpg]

I don’t love Christmas.


I said it!

I don’t love Christmas.

I love baby Jesus.

And the idea of CHRISTmas. But the commercial aspects of Christmas disgust me.

We have never put up more than one tree. And never before the 10th or so of the month.

To go into debt buying gifts that you feel obligated to buy seems wrong.

I love giving gifts.

But, I like doing it throughout the year. I don’t limit it to Christmas.  There is nothing like finding just the right thing for someone that you love.

Giving someone a list of things to “get” me makes me crazy!! If you can’t figure out what to get me, save your money. We obviously aren’t close enough to buy gifts for one another.

Over the coming weeks this will come up again on this blog. This is my blog and my feeling.

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