Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dr. Google, please find your way out of my computer. You do not ease my mind you make me super nervous!

Just wanted to give a quick update on my mammogram appointment.

Since it was my first ever I am going to record all the details!

After arriving and filling out the required paperwork I sat in the waiting room full of worried looking men. I asked my husband to let me go by myself. He is a busy guy and not soothing, I spend my time worrying about making him happy when he is around and I didn’t want that stress today.

The nurse finally called my name after a 15 minute wait. She escorted me to another holding cell where I was given a cape to change into. Yes, I said a cape…..very strange. After another wait the radiology tech freed me from the holding cell.

Honestly, the mammogram was not painful. It wasn’t fun, but it was not all that bad. So, many different angles. Now I am a squished booby girl! Then I was taken back to the holding cell.

Still in the fabulous green cape.

After about 20 minutes the ultrasound tech came to escort me to the the ultrasound room. Pokes around on my left breast, finding nothing to take pictures of she consults her paperwork and the mammogram pictures and declares my left breast perfect!



Don’t get too excited.

Lets take a closer look at the right breast. They found something suspicious!! WTH?

No way, it’s fine.

So I stay in the boob sagging position with the cold jelly smeared on them. She finishes up and runs to show them to the doctor. While sitting there waiting I am of course going through worst case scenarios because that is the way I roll.

Upon returning to the room she says that this “mass” looks like a benign “mass” and they want to take another picture with mammogram. Sure, my right boob hasn’t been squished enough. Whatever, this could save my life. RIGHT??

After this is finished the doctor comes in and says he wants to do these tests again in 6 months to see if there are any you to make me more paranoid I am paranoid enough on my own! Thanks for that!changes. The “mass” is relatively small.

This is the part where Dr Google is not my friend. No one makes big long posts about how it was nothing, and I am fine.

Don’t leave me messages telling me how paranoid I should be because your aunt, cousin, sister, mother, grandmother, boyfriends 2 wife's sister-in-law waited and was dead within 3 months.

I don’t need you to make me more paranoid. I am paranoid enough on my own!  Thanks for that!!

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  1. You poor girl...I don't think you are being paranoid at all...I think knowledge is power but at the same time too much knowledge can make you stress the eff out unnecessarily.